Volume II


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Katherine Yoon
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Part I:  Korea in Historical Perspective

Evaluating the Purge of Korean Collaborators with Japanese Imperialism:  Beyond the Dichotomy of Resistance and Collaboration by Do Hyun Han

Dependence and Defiance:  Historical Dilemmas in U.S. – Korea Relations by Sung-Yoon Lee

Neoliberalism and the Gwangju Uprising by Georgy Katsiaficas

Part II:  North Korea Issues

Policy-Making Process and Intelligence Analysis:  The U.S.-South Korea Relationship with Respect to North Korea by Julia Joo-A Lee

Priorities in North Korea:  Nuclear Disarmament and Human Rights by Andrew Wehrley

The Plight of North Korean Migrants in Northeast China:  A Product of Political Impasse by Seung-Jee Shin

Part III:  Public Policy Reforms in South Korea

Challeges and Prospects of Public Human Capital Management Reform Under the Roh Moo-hyun Administration by Chang-hyun Cho

Central Bank Independence and Monetary Policy after the Asian Crisi:  The Case of South Korea by Bernhard Seliger

The End of Human Trafficking?  Unveiling South Korea’s Recent Policy Shift on Anti-Human Trafficking and Anti-Prostitution Activities by Jasper Kim and Do-hyun Kim

Part IVSouth Korea in Globalization

Korea’s Official Development Assistance:  How to Achieve Better Results by Hyekyung Kim

The ACFTU in China’s Transitional Economy:  How Should Korean Companies in China Respond to Trade Union Issues?  by Sunwook Chung

Exclusive Interview

An Interview with The Honorable Henry J. Hyde, U.S. House Representative and Chairman of the House Committee on International Relations by Justin Rhee

Special Lecture

My Poetry:  Vision from the 1970s, Kim Chi-Ha, translated by Sung-Yoon Lee and Sung Moon

Book Reviews:

Gyu-Jin Hwang’s Pathways to State Welfare in Korea:  Interests, Ideas and Institutions (Ashgate, 2006) by Jiyeoun Song

David I. Steinberg’s Korean Attitudes Toward the United States:  Changing Dynamics (M.E. Sharpe Inc., 2005) by Katherine Yoon