Volume III

2006–2007 / 2007-2008

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Kye Lee
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Jeen Kim
Sangho Lee

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Rebecca Haessig
Wooseok Jo
Dong-Wook Lee
Anupam Shome

Part I:  The Lee Myung Bak Government:  U.S. and North Korea Policies

Engagement:  Brief for an Incoming South Korean President by Stephan Haggard and Marcus Noland

The U.S. and South Korea:  From “Sunshine” to “Pragmatism” by Donald Kirk

Can the Lee Administration Make a Difference in Promoting North Korean Human Rights? by Hyojoon Chang

Foreign Policy of the New South Korean Government, Interview by Chong-Ha Yoo

Part II:  Korea in East Asia in the 21st Century

A New Approach to Financing Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation by John S. Park

Korea’s Next International Economic Policy Agenda After KORUS FTA by Joosueb Lee

H.R. 121:  Comfort Women Resolution, Interview:  Mike Honda

The Korean Peninsula in the 21st Century, Interview:  Joseph Nye


Part III:  North Korea and South Korean Society

Korean Regionalism, Problems, and Structural Solutions by Nicholas Matcheck

South Korean Evaluation Concerning North-South Unification:  Aroma of Nouveau Imperialism by Michael Lee

North Korean Lyric Poems and Nationalism in North Korean Literature by Sang-Sook Lee

South Korea’s Online Community:  “I Love “Hwang Woo Suk” and Lee Myung Bak Supporters by Na-Yoon Shin

Reflections on May 18 by Jong-Sung You