The Foundation



The Korea Policy Review Foundation (KPRF) will advance the dialogue to strengthen the relationship between the United States and South Korea by fostering discussion and exchanging of ideas and examining policy issues between both countries.  The KPRF will engage in educational activities to foster a rich and ongoing dialogue and debate on the many policy issues related to South Korea and the United States.

In addition, the KPRF will provide resources to sustain the publication of the Korea Policy Review currently published at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.  An endowment fund named the “Korea Policy Review Foundation Fund” exists to support this very worthy cause.

About the Korea Policy Review Foundation

The Korea Policy Review Foundation (KPRF) is a non-partisan organization.  The foundation’s primary objective is to advance the dialogue for students, academics and policy practitioners in both the US and South Korea to share their views and insights on a wide range of topics, including social, economic and political issues impacting policymaking.

The board members of the Foundation recognize the importance of such dialogues and therefore, invite many policy thinkers and practitioners to share views and insights on a wide range of topics, including social, economic and political issues impacting on policymaking through our dialogue sessions.

The KPRF serves as a platform, by hosting in-depth policy discussions with key policy makers and practitioners from both countries in Washington D.C. and in Seoul, South Korea.  In the past, discussions about policy issues affecting South Korea and the United States have mostly centered on potential military threats to the Korean Peninsula.  Although there has been a long and fruitful alliance between South Korea and the United States, little attention was paid to a much wider range of issues that affect Korea and the Korean Peninsula as a whole.  With a Free Trade Agreement between the two countries, various social, economic, and political issues have moved to the forefront and warrant our attention and discussion more than ever.  The KPRF will host in depth discussion with key policy makers in US and in South Korea.

The KPRF is not affiliated with Harvard University, however, it supports the University with needed resources for continued success in publishing the Korea Policy Review.